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unit 3/15 meroo road, Bomaderry, 2541
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In a Relationship
About me:
unlike most girls i am different. i have a different style, different interests and different desires. i come across as 'scary' or 'threatening' by most people. some say im tragic, others say im a loser but hey that's just me and if you dont like nor tolerate that you can go die now. i also hate seedy f*ckers that think they're gonna score with me. i will say this once. i am in a relationship and i will NEVER cheat in ANY relationship
Campbelltown, NSW, Campbelltown
Political views:
they all suck especi
Religious views:
people who worship only one god are stupid in doing so because those gods dont exist. i am a pegan and i worhsip many many ancient gods and godesses
Interested in:
Looking for:
facebooking, trolling people, watching metalocalypse, listening to music and sitting at home relaxing
metaloclaypse, my pagan religion [i worship the ancient Egyptian religion], Ancient history, driving fast cars, trying new [dangerous and illegal] things
Favorite Music:
anything rock/metal/emo mainly dethklok, bullet for my valentine, disturbed, linkin park, cradle of filth, lamb of god and slipknot
Favorite TV Shows:
metaloclaypse, the simpsons, futurama, the big bang theory
Favorite Movies:
fast and furious [the entire movie series], saw [1-7], paranormal activity [1 through to 3] pretty much, i love scary/gory/horror movies i like seeing someones guts fly i like blood, gore and murder
Favorite Books:
i dont normally readbut when i do its usually magazines or the newspaper
Favorite Quotes:
Cool story bro in what chapter do you stfu? Eshays lad Shays What cunt? Keep trollin' Haters gonna hate cos in the end yous are making me famous by talking about me xD That's brutal >:D Wowee

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